King Street Studio Workshops Personal Statement

I am a ceramic sculptor. Most of the time I try to answer a simple question: how to translate my feelings into strong and simple forms and vibrant surfaces. When I am working I am totally identified with the material, the process and the resolution of the practical problems presented by the piece itself. It is only with clay that I can satisfy my compulsion to work and achieve the directness that I feel is necessary to translate emotion and the daily experience of living into a sculpural presence.

I was born in Sri Lanka of Dutch and Portugese descent and came to England when I was 13. My childhoos in the East provides primitive, ethnic and classical inspiration for my work. Ideas also come from found objects, natural forms, even the earth itself; also from images sifted from technical and medical journals and the media. Most of all I love clay, with its plasticity, its elemental character, its ability to determine and influence the outcome of ideas, and I am excited by the uncertainties of the firing process.
The clays I use are red earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. These are carefully chosen and formulated to respond to the demands of structure, surface, texture and final smoke-firing.

I studied sculpture at Ravensbourne College of Art and Technology and took a further course in studio ceramics at Harrogate College of Art and Technology. My workshop at King Street has been established since 1995.